Other Application
Other Application

Styrofoam food containers ,Trays
Under Development

Extending biodegradability to styrofoam.
New York is an example of a region that started banning styrofoams for its poor recycling efficiency. For this reason, we are attempting to manufacture styrofoam out of the high functionality PLA. Conventional PLA styrofoam had very low expansion ratio, hence making the material stiff and not heat resistant.
However, we are working on developing a PLA styrofoam with better quality and practical applicability with our technology. Biodegradable PLA styrofoam products have a prospect of replacing the conventional styrofoam packaging.

Piezoelectric Device
Under Development

The organic piezoelectric polymer film is expected to be used in a range of devices such as curved surface capacitive touch panels. PLA’s characteristic was its piezoelectricity and was therefore not normal to have pyroelectricity. However, with our additive, it is possible to develop a piezoelectric polymer film that has all the characteristics of pyroelectricity, transparency, flexibility, and safety.