Bio Face

A washable and reusable
antibacterial face mask
made of biomass-based yarn
A washable and reusable
antibacterial face mask
made of biomass-based yarn

Most of the masks are single use plastic

Most of the disposable face masks are made of petroleum-derived plastic such as polypropylene.
The volume of petroleum-derived plastic used for general use face masks in Japan is estimated to be about 10,000 metric tons *1. This is as many as the pens and fishing nets annually consumed in Japan *2, or half of the straws annually consumed in Europe *3.

Disposable masks are ending up in ocean

As reported by Reuters, appropriate disposal of face masks are becoming more and more critical as there are masks reported to be washed out to sea and ending up on beaches, as face mask consumption increases. *4
Thrown away face masks are also found in town

BM and Bioworks have developed Bio Face,
a washable and reusable face mask made of PLA (polylactic acid),
a biomass-based renewable material.

Mildly acidic and antibacterial

Bio Face masks are made of PLA yarn, which is mildly acidic (close to human skin), and antibacterial. *6
A PLA yarn is a safe and highly biocompatible material, and is also used for medical suture that degrades in human body and does not require to be removed after surgery.
Bio Face is washable and reusable, and can be washed for about 30 times. By reusing the masks, disposal of masks can be reduced, leading to reduction of marine pollution.

Comfortable and fits to face

TBM and Bioworks collaborated with SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD., the world’s leading manufacturer of knitting machines. Bio Face is knitted three dimensionally with the WHOLEGARMENT machine (the seamless knitting machine of SHIMA SEIKI MFG.) etc., using the PLA yarn developed through collaboration among the three parties.
Bio Face masks are comfortable and fit the shape of face, since they have a 3D knit shape that leaves room around the mouth. Bio Face masks help to prevent spray from coughing and sneezing. Bio Face masks have less stress to ears since the straps are knitted together seamlessly.""Bio Face"" is applied for trademark registration by Bioworks Co., Ltd

Safe for human and environment

PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is compatible with the Japanese Food Sanitation Act, Notification # 370 provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and is listed on the positive list provided by Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association. PLA is also approved by US FDA at Food Contact Notification No. 178.
The lactic acid, monomer of PLA, exists in human body as well. The oligomer is also confirmed to be safe.

Biomass based and biodegradable

PLA is a biomass based plastic made from biomass resource such as corn starch, and biodegrades in industrial compost environments. By using PLA, it is possible to drastically reduce the use of petroleum oil.
PLA emits less CO2 compared with traditional petroleum-based plastic when burned (based on calculation from their chemical structure). PLA hardly degrades in normal environments, and therefore can be used for a prolonged time.

3 sizes, original color possible

There are 3 sizes available - XS (for children), S, and M. It is possible to customize the color, and to add company names and logos by stitching (for bulk orders only). *8

Raw material: PLA (polylactic acid). For ear loop and frame, polyurethane and nylon are used partially.
Sizes: XS (for children), S and M
Suggested retail price: 1,500 Japanese Yen (not including VAT), 1 mask per package
Production country: Japan and outside of Japan
Color: dyeing possible for bulk order (base color is planned to be gray, possible to add logos by stitching)

precautionary statement
- Bio Face does not block the invasion of virus splashes and pollen in the air.
- It is recommended to install a commercially available virus cut filter to block the invasion of viruses and pollen.
- Antibacterial means ""to suppress bacterial growth on the surface of the product,"" and does not mean to kill or decontaminate the bacteria.
- Hand wash is recommended when washing, and if washed with a washing machine please put the mask in a laundry net.
- Please note that the product shape may change, if the mask is washed with a washing machine.
- Please do not use dryers, bleach nor softening agents. Please use a neautral detergent for washing.
- Please do not expose the mask to direct sunlight when drying.
- We do not accept return or exchange after purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

* Estimated by TBM. The production volume of household use masks in Japan was 4,284 million pieces in 2018, and it is estimated that over 90% of face masks are non-woven disposal masks (Source: Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association website).
* Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., 2011
* Estimated by TBM, based on Seas at Risk(2017)”Single-use Plastics and the Marine Environment”
* Reuters(2020)”Discarded coronavirus masks clutter Hong Kong's beaches, trails”
* The Asahi Shimbun Digital(2020/4/21)
* The antibacterial persistence is based on the test results of the Nissenken Quality Evaluation Center.
* The washing durability is based on the test results of Bioworks Co., Ltd as of April 27th. The test is still contiuing to check the washing durability over 20 times.
* We accept orders starting at 5,000 face masks.


Bio Faceの製造において、ニット編み機で世界的なトップメーカーである島精機製作所と連携し開発したポリ乳酸の糸を使って、同社製のホールガーメント※横編機などで立体的に編み上げます。

再生可能な植物由来の原料、ポリ乳酸を使用した「Bio Face(バイオフェイス)」を開発しました。


「Bio Face」は洗って繰り返し利用することが可能なマスクです。洗濯回数は、50回※7が目安です。繰り返し使用することでマスクの廃棄削減に繋がります

Bio Faceの製造において、ニット編み機で世界的なトップメーカーである島精機製作所と連携し開発したポリ乳酸の糸を使って、同社製のホールガーメント※横編機などで立体的に編み上げます。


ポリ乳酸は食品衛生法「厚生省告示370号」規格基準に適合し、ポリ衛協(ポリオレフィン等衛生協議会)のポジティブリストにも掲載されていますので、食品包装などにも使われています。また、米国食品医薬品局(FDA)Food Contact Notification(FCN)No.178でも安全性が認められています。





原料:本体 PLA 樹脂(ポリ乳酸) 耳部/フレーム部の一部のみ ポリウレタン、ナイロン
サイズ: XS(子供用)・S(大人用小さめ)・M(大人用普通)
希望小売価格:1 袋1 枚入1,500 円(デザイン、刺繍代込み、税別)

※ 空気中のウイルス飛沫、花粉の侵入をブロックするマスクではありません。
※ ウイルス・花粉症対策には市販のウイルスカットフィルターの装着、重ね付けをお勧めします。
※ 抗菌とは「製品表面の細菌増殖を抑制する」ことを言い、菌を一時的に死滅、除去する「殺菌」や「除菌」とは異なります。
※ 洗濯は手洗いを推奨、洗濯機をご利用の場合は洗濯ネットを使用してください。
※ 洗濯機でお洗濯いただくと商品が変形する可能性がありますので、ご注意ください。
※ 乾燥機、漂白剤、柔軟剤のご使用はお避け下さい。洗剤は中性洗剤をご使用ください。
※ 直射日光のあたらない吊り干しにして下さい。
※ 衛生用品の為、ご購入後の返品・交換はできません。ご了承ください。

※1 2018年の日本国内家庭用マスク生産量42億8,400万枚、うち9割以上が不織布製との統計に基づきTBM推計。
(一般社団法人日本衛生材料工業連合会 ホームページを2020年4月20日参照)
※2 株式会社三菱総合研究所(2011年)経済産業省委託調査 最終製品出荷断面における品目別プラスチック使用量推計(品目別詳細表)
※3 Seas at Risk(2017)”Single-use Plastics and the Marine Environment”を基にTBM推計
※4 Reuters(2020)”Discarded coronavirus masks clutter Hong Kong's beaches, trails”
※5 朝日新聞デジタル(2020/4/21)”雨に濡れる路上のマスク ポイ捨て急増、潜む感染リスク “
※6 Bio Faceの抗菌持続性は一般財団法人ニッセンケン品質評価センター試験結果に基づきます。
※7 洗濯耐久性はに一般財団法人ニッセンケン品質評価センターよる試験結果に基づきます。
※8 一括注文で5,000枚からお受付が可能。