Privacy Policy

Bioworks Inc. acknowledges the importance of personal information, and believes it is a social responsibility to protect them. We will take appropriate measures in acquiring, using, and managing personal informations. The following are the rules and regulations we have laid down regarding our customer’s personal information.

1. Regarding the use, gain and provision of personal information

Customers register personal information when sending the company questions through the contact form on our website. Personal information is used only when we give out important information or respond to questions through electronic mail. Personal information will not be used for any other purpose.

2. Regarding security procedures

To ensure accuracy and safe usage of the information, security plans against leakage, destruction or damage to personal information are put in place.

3. Regarding complaints

Immediate action will be taken in the case of complaints. If a customer wishes to delete, correct or stop sharing personal information, we will respect the customer’s wishes and take appropriate measurements immediately.

4. Regarding the observance of the law and guidelines

In order to realize appropriate protection of personal information, we will abide by the rules defined by the government regarding the handling of personal information.

Questions Regarding Personal Information
Bioworks Co., Ltd Person in Charge of Personal Information Security