“bio” is “a wearable skincare brand” specifically for items which come in direct contact with the skin, under the concept of “Anytime Skincare.” The high antibacterial properties of lactic acid promote health care for all body types. Starting with the most basic items that contact the skin in daily life, such as towels and T-shirts, we offer a product lineup to maintain a healthy skin texture.


Three Cares

Prepare your mind and body

As PlaX™’s antibacterial effect inhibits bacterial growth on the fibers, your mind and body feel at ease when PlaX™ touches your skin. Polylactic acid, the raw material of PlaX™, is used in medical applications such as surgical sutures because of its high antibacterial properties.

Making your daily life comfortable

The items which use PlaX™ with its excellent quick-drying and deodorizing performance, promptly dry out after washing and are resistant to unpleasant odors commonly experienced when hang drying. A comfortable life can be experienced by reducing feelings of discomfort and worry in daily life.

Reduces the burden on the natural environment

Continued use of bio is the first step in improving the earth from various aspects, including environmental issues faced by society, such as CO2 emissions, landfill waste, and resource depletion.




Towels that protect your skin and make your daily life comfortable. Bacterial growth which can lead to skin irritation and unpleasant odors is inhibited, and your skin remains clean.

Leisure Wear

Leisure wear that protects your skin and makes your daily life comfortable. PlaX™ is resistant to bacteria, and is a soft and comfortable fabric with high sweat absorbency.